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I know this may be unethical to ask, so you don't have to answer it if it offends you or anything, but how much do you earn per month with all your work?
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I earn enough to pay the rent, feed me, and buy the occasional computer game (Which I don’t ever actually play because I’m too busy building buffer). :>

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I finally started reading mokepon today, and i'm really loving it so far, how old were you when you started it?
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I’m glad you’re enjoying it, thankyou =) Lemme see… I started it… wow, six years ago. So I was eighteen. Dayum. 

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What advice do you have for someone who keeps "jumping" from art style to art style and can't make a comic because he looks back at the first pages and he doesn't like the style he did on those pages?
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Definitely don’t let fears of inconsistancy hold you back from making your comic. That only really matters if you’re a professional who’s being hired to give a certain look at a specific time. Experimentation is the best way to improve, after all. In my first comics the style changed all the time, and even now, if I think I can change something to make my work look better, I’ll do it.

Looking back on your first pages and not liking them is something that will ALWAYS happen, or at least you should hope it will, because if it does that means you’re getting better. Hell, I know my first pages look awful, but if you start redoing your old pages you really will get trapped and keep restarting eternally. You just have to accept that you didn’t used to be as good as you are now, and keep looking ahead at what you’ll do next. Your readers will enjoy seeing the journey you’ve taken too.

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Do you think animation college would be good, or do you think a career can be made without it?
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Hard to say… I never took animation, but I’ve generally heard good things about the courses. It depends on the uni you want to go to. Of course, like with all art courses, if you’ve got the determination, I’m sure one can make a career in animation without taking a course in it… But that’s not to say a course wouldn’t help.

Yeah least helpful answer ever sorry.

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If comicing’s taught me anything, it’s that you can run over a Pidgey with a lawnmower and you can burn a caterpie alive, but if you even mention frying an Eevee in a microwave, all of a sudden you’re a monster…

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All about female hysteria.

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this is a humble little post about the pleasantly diverse sexual orientation representation in the metal gear series, aka yes homo

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New comic!

Yeah, I might have watched a movie and gotten kind of mad.

This is seriously a trope I’d love to never see again though.

was the movie you watched ‘wanted’ because

also the lego movie… also the matrix… 

also a lot of movies its sickening

The plot of Shape of His Heart is just this, with the genders flipped.

Go watch Guardians of the Galaxy.  It is the story of Space Rikku and her incredibly grumpy Space Boyfriend.

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Let’s go far away…

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You what always bugs me?


Why is apparently acceptable for the term ‘daddy’ to be used in a sexual context?

Such as: ”Who’s your daddy?”

Like… no one else find that incredibly creepy and indicative of a messed up attitude to relations between men and women. 

Just me? (posting this on Tumblr so I doubt it.)

It’s a pet hate of mine.